This represents a person’s learning style, communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. A curved line is associated with creativity and spontaneity, while a straight line is linked with practicality and a structured approach. The basic interpretations are as follows:

1. Short line – prefers physical achievements over mental ones:

short line



















2. Curved, sloping line – creativity
curved sloping line


















3. Separated from life line – adventure, enthusiasm for life
separated from life line


















4. Wavy line – short attention span
wavy line



















5. Deep, long line – thinking is clear and focused
deep long line


















6. Straight line – thinks realistically

straight line



















7. Donuts or cross in head line – emotional crisis
donuts or cross


















8. Broken head line – inconsistencies in thought
broken head line


















9. Multiple crosses through head line – momentous decisions.multiple crosses